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Sherri A Trial is a lettering artist who has extensively exhibited in juried fine art shows for over 30 years. She has garnered many awards in national and international exhibits, combining lettering and the abstract. "I interpret text to create a visual mood, where sometimes the legibility of the words becomes secondary".


Mediums used often involve a parchment, either calfskin or goatskin, watercolor, 23k gold leaf, and acrylic. Mixed media, including found objects, are also frequently included in her work.


She specializes in creating miniature fine art, which involves rendering subjects 1/6 life-size or less, and containing it in less than 25 sq. inches. Her love of animals and wildlife is constantly combined with interpreting inspiring texts.


Interesting projects have included the Street Gallery exhibit in South Carolina, being one of five artists chosen to have their work reproduced onto billboards. In 2004 she participated in the Harrisburg CowParade,

creating "Cowculating The Moon"..


Publications that have featured her art include Letter Arts Review; Washington DC guild's Scripsit journal; the Alphabet journal from the San Francisco calligraphy guild; and most recently the 25th Anniversary Edition of the Speedball Textbook.


She lives, works, and occasionally rescues cats in Pennsylvania.

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