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Tireless Tuesday & Tortilla Soup

After a crazy Monday, filled with unexpected busyness, Tuesday has been a little more predictable. I like Tuesdays (generally) - still rested from the weekend, but the week isn't snowballing yet. I finished a love-themed piece in time for Valentine's Day (if you're reading this, go visit the shop page!), and am catching up on promised projects this week.

My head is blazing with ideas for more coffee cup and journal cover designs. If I can ever figure out a way to eliminate sleep, I'd have them finished tomorrow!

While this has been a shockingly warm winter, last night was cold enough for soup. Tortilla Soup, to be exact. I'm a south Texas native, and while I don't recall this soup being around in my youth, it's very much comfort food these days. I don't use a recipe, just wing it from my general knowledge of Mexican cuisine, but there are recipes everywhere online. The basics are good chicken stock, simmered with dried peppers (ancho, anaheim, guajillo), tomatoes, cumin, garlic & onion. Give it a try!

This will be a year of massive changes and much busyness... right now is the calm that precedes it. But all is good! Just life being crazy. Smile!

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