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And Now For Something Compl---

Okay, not really completely different for me, but certainly it's a bit more involved than the small gold word pieces that I've been obsessing on lately. A little peek, but not giving any more details!

Not the greatest start to the week, creatively. Hours' worth of work yesterday ended up in the trash. Sometimes I save scrapped work, to be recycled into another project, but boy oh boy, sometimes you just gotta say "nope".

Hope to carve out some playtime soon to keep working on my dollhouses. I have a new Instagram account to chronicle the journey, @beyondminiatureart. The one I'm working on now I consider to be a renovated NYC (or other large metro) loft apartment.

I take breaks during the working day to practice keyboard for a bit. After 40 years of not touching a piano, I've had the fortune to be encouraged into playing again. As time (and energy) permits, it will be a year of open mics, along with my guitarist partner.

Snow tomorrow! Looking forward to a peaceful day of solitude and contemplative creating. Cheers!

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